BBQ 101: Heat Distribution Plates

Heat Distribution Plates

  1. Distribute heat evenly across the cooking surface
  2. Protect and extend the life of burners, by protecting them from direct drippings of grease, fats and salty marinades
  3. Incinerates grease and marinades from food drippings, creating the familiar BBQ smoke flavors that we all love
  4. Reduce flare ups, which can become out of control grease fires

Heat Distribution Plates and Deterioration

Heat distribution plates, much like the old style LAVA ROCK and CERAMIC BRIQUETTES will require maintenance and possible replacement within the life of your barbecue.

  1. Heat distribution plates are under the most extreme temperatures – heating and cooling
  2. Heat distribution plates sit directly over the burners and are in direct contact with the burner flame
  3. Heat distribution plates sit directly under the cooking grates, catching fats, grease, and salty marinades
  4. Almost all grease fires and flare ups will occur directly on top of this part due to a build up of grease. It is very important to clean away all remaining grease and debris to avoid grease fires and flare ups which in effect will weaken the composition of this part and cause rapid deterioration
  5. Varying environmental conditions will accelerate their deterioration; ambient humidity, acidity of some food and cooking sauces which can and will accelerate corrosion.
  6. Heat distribution plates will discolour and if painted, may even peel after the first use. This is a normal occurrence due to the extreme heat of the barbecue.

How to Maintain Heat Distribution Plates

  1. Always perform regular maintenance on your Heat distribution plates to remove all debris.
  2. Do not allow fats, salty and acidic drippings from marinades to accumulate on your Heat distribution plates.
  3. Recommend removing and cleaning Heat distribution plates every other time you BBQ. If you are cooking for a large number of people, cleaning should occur immediately following cool down of your BBQ.
  4. Use a grill brush to brush away any buildup from your Heat distribution plates. Clean away all remaining debris with mild soap and warm water. Dry thoroughly.
  5. If your BBQ is being stored outdoors you should clean, remove, and store your flame tamers along with your cooking grates, burners, and igniter battery indoors.
  6. Avoid moisture and corrosive agents from settling on the surface.

Failure to do all of the above will lead to rapid deterioration of this part. Without removing all Heat distribution plates and inspecting them you may not realize the degree of deterioration caused. Following all instructions within this document will ensure a long life for this part and continued high performance for your barbecue.

Please review the warranty section of your manual for coverage and limitation information specific to your model and part.