BBQ 101: Proper Lighting Procedure

Prior to lighting your BBQ:

  • Read your Safety & Care manual
  • Check for leaks by performing a leak test.
  • Remove and inspect your double burners for damage and blockages
  • Check to ensure your Multi Spark ignition system is functioning properly (replace battery if necessary)

Lighting procedure:

  1. Open the Lid
  2. Ensure all burner control knobs are in the OFF position
  3. Slowly turn ON the gas supply, ½-1 full turn
  4. Wait approximately 5 seconds for the gas pressure to stabilize
  5. Turn the centre/selected burner control knob to HIGH position
  6. Press the Multi Spark ignition button or light with a match or BBQ lighter
    If the BBQ does not light within 5 seconds- turn all control knobs to the OFF position.
  7. Turn the gas source OFF.
  8. Wait a few minutes. REPEAT Steps 1 to 6
  9. Once Lit, preheat on HIGH for 5 to 10 minutes

Shut-down procedure:

  1. Turn OFF ALL burner control knobs, including side burner
  2. Promptly turn OFF the gas supply.