BBQ 101: Multi Spark Ignition System


  1. Multi Spark Electronic Ignition Box
  2. Main Burner Electrodes & Wire- 3
  3. Electrode & wire- Side burner / Infrared Side burner (if applicable)
  4. Electrode & Wire- Rear Rotisserie Burner / Rear Infrared Rotisserie Burner (if applicable)

How it Works

If you are having difficulty with your Barbecues Multi Spark ignition system, simple maintenance may be required to improve performance. A quick visual inspection of the following will identify the cause

  1. Check for un-plugged electrode wires or ground wire
  2. Check wires for damage including tears or breaks
  3. Check electrode for cracks in the porcelain insulator
  4. Replace battery. Ensure battery is installed correctly
  5. Check battery igniter cap for proper threading
  6. Check to ensure that the Electrode sparks when the igniter button is pressed.

Resolving MULTI SPARK Ignition Issues

Problem Cause Corrective Action
Electrode does not spark / no sound / burner lights with match but not with the igniter Electrode wires unplugged

Electrode Fouled /
Electrode or burner is wet
Confirm that the main burner electrode wires are plugged-in correctly to the Multi Spark Electronic Ignition box. Proper connection can often be restored by simply disconnecting and reconnecting the various electrode wires.

Wipe the electrode with a soft, clean cloth. If electrode has any build up of grease or corrosion, lightly sand electrode tip and clean with alcohol.
Electrode porcelain or
ceramic insulator cracked
If cracks are found, replace electrode.
Electronic Ignition battery is dead The battery located in the Multi Spark Electronic Ignition box may need to be replaced. Replace battery. The correct position is with the (+) end down. Do not leave battery within Multi Spark Electronic Ignition box for extended periods, if BBQ is not in use. Battery acids and corrosion can result causing permanent damage to the Multi Spark Electronic Ignition box.
Battery cap not threaded properly Remove the Multi Spark Electronic Igniter battery cap and re-attach. Ensure that the cap is properly positioned without cross threading.
Electrode sparks but the burner will not light/ burner lights with match but not with the igniter Regulator Flow Limiting Device activated Reset the regulator Flow Limiting Device and perform a leak test to ensure that the Flow Limiting Device was not activated due to a leak in the system.
Blockage within Double Burners Double Burner maintenance must be performed to remove any blockages within the Venturi tubes that are enabling the burner from lighting.
Low fuel, no fuel, or gas source
not opened
Check the LP cylinder fuel level and re-fill if necessary.
Open the cylinder valve if closed.
Venturi tubes not properly seated over valve gas jet Double Burner must be installed correctly over top of the valve gas jet.