BBQ 101: Facts about Natural Gas BBQs

Natural Gas Barbecues make outdoor cooking easy and affordable. They are always ready and you will never run out of fuel. It is safe, efficient, and economical.

You can measure how much energy your barbecue can produce from the amount of gas it burns. The higher the BTU/hr rating or British Thermal Unit the more cooking power/ heat it delivers.

Your BTU rating can be found on the CSA rating label located on the back panel of your BBQ.

Gas Hookup & Warnings

NEW Natural Gas Barbecue

If you are experiencing poor barbecue performance, including but not limited to low flame, low heat or poor heat distribution, please review the following information;

  • Always consult the Rating Label on the back of the barbecue to confirm that it has already been configured to burn natural gas.
  • If experiencing performance issues with a brand new barbecue hooked up to an older natural gas home connection, it is possible that the natural gas supply line is not able to supply up to the essential 75,000 BTU’s required for most Cuisinart™ Gourmet Barbecues. Please consult with your certified natural gas technician.
  • All gas supply plumbing must be carried out by a qualified service agency. The Supply connection shall be carried out in accordance with provincial authorities having jurisdiction, and in accordance with CAN/CGA 1-B149.1 & 2 installation code requirements.
  • A shut off valve must be installed between the barbecue and the main supply. For natural gas, use a 3/8” or 1/2” natural gas supply line capable of an input of up to 75,000 BTU’s (depending on the model).
  • When conducting pressure test always isolate the barbecue from the gas supply piping system by disconnecting the barbecue and closing its individual manual shutoff valve. The gas supply piping system should be tested at pressures which exceed 1/2 psi (3.5kPa).
  • All gas supply plumbing must be able to supply 7” water column to the barbecue WITH ALL BURNERS IN OPERATION
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ALL Cuisinart® Gourmet Barbecues are sold either NATURAL GAS or PROPANE READY and are not convertible
from one gas source to another.

To confirm that your BBQ is in fact a Natural Gas model, please check the following:

  1. Serial number located on the rear rating plate
  2. Cart bottom panel must not have a space for a propane tank
  3. Cross reference the serial number on the front cover of your user manual with the serial number found on the rating plate
  4. Confirm that your BBQ model was shipped with a Natural Gas hose and quick connect, and NOT a LP hose and regulator.

Parts Included With Your Grill

Your Natural Gas BBQ comes equipped with a 10’ or 12’ Natural Gas hose with male socket connection that will allow you to attach your Barbecue to your residential gas line.

Warning: We strongly recommend contacting a certified gas-technician to install your natural gas grill.

To Connect:

  1. Push back the sleeve on the socket
  2. Insert Plug and release the sleeve
  3. Push the plug until the sleeve snaps forward, to lock the plug in the socket

To Disconnect:

  1. Push sleeve back and pull the plug out.

Testing For Gas Leaks

Before attempting to operate your barbecue:

  1. Hand tighten all connections
  2. Perform a leak test
  3. Follow proper lighting procedure

Always contact Cuisinart® Gourmet Barbecues Customer Care Hotline for assistance. 1-800-309-3452