Outdoor Oven 101

Tips For Controlling Cooking Temperatures

  1. DO NOT EXCEED THE TEMPERATURE 360 °C / 680 °F IN THE OVEN, at any time as this will permanently damage your oven, and void your warranty.
  2. Always preheat your Oven to the correct cooking temperature and maintain this temperature for at least 10 minutes before introducing food. This allows the temperature to stabilize internally
  3. Once the desired temperature has been reached reduce the flames by reducing airflow using the air intake controls on the front of the fire chamber. The hot coals will continue the cooking process and heat the oven
  4. If the temperature decreases during cooking or when cooking for prolonged periods of time, more fuel may be required.
  5. If the temperature of the oven is too high, open the door of the cooking chamber and DO NOT add any more wood.
  6. When the cooking chamber door is opened to check food, temperatures may drop slightly. Do not immediately add more wood.
    Close the cooking chamber door and wait a few minutes to see if the temperature rises back to the desired cooking temperature
  7. Maintain the Cooking temperatures by adding a small amount of lump charcoal or wood at a time. Ensure that the fire is maintained and that the temperatures are not falling, before proceeding.
  8. When building your fire, always leave enough room in your fire chamber for oxygen to circulate, as you fire will need it to burn.

WARNING: Overfilling your fire chamber with wood can cause overheating and make managing temperatures difficult.