Outdoor Oven 101

How to light your Cuisinart® Outdoor oven using hardwood

  1. Lay out kindling on your wood grate first.
  2. Cut softwood to length and stack on top of kindling. Softwood is optional, but because it lights quickly and burns hot, it will allow for a prolonged ignition which will help the hardwood to light.
  3. Chop hardwood into thin slices and stack on top of softwood.
  4. Remove ash tray and load the igniters onto ash tray spaced evenly, light with a lighter, and replace ash tray.
  5. Leave the fire chamber door open to allow enough oxygen to fuel the fire.
    Monitor the fire until the hardwood is fully lit, before closing the fuel chamber door.
  6. Once fully lit, close the door and make sure the three air intake controls are open.