Outdoor Oven 101

Choosing your method of ignition

Ignition Methods Recommended Lighting Options Not Recommended
What should I use to light my Lump Charcoal, Hardwood Logs, Softwood, or Charcoal Briquettes? Use ALL NATURAL fire starters. NEVER USE any fuel accelerants, liquid lighting fluid to start a fire, or inside of the fire chamber.
Use a chimney charcoal starter and follow the instructions that accompany this tool. NEVER USE WOOD that has been chemically treated such as treated pine.
Use a propane torch or butane lighter. NEVER USE any packaging materials, including, but not limited to: polystyrene, plastics or WOOD that has a high resin content.
Use paraffin starter blocks or cubes that
DO NOT contain any chemicals.
NEVER USE hearth logs meant for a fireplace.
Use twigs, paper and corrugate to get your fire going.