Outdoor Oven 101

How To Regulate the Oven's Temperature

You can regulate your Outdoor Oven's temperature using the following 3 methods:

  1. Adjusting the chimney damper position
  2. Adjusting the three air intake controls on the front of the fire chamber
  3. Adding firewood and stoking firewood during cooking

Tip: Keep the cooking chamber and Fire Chamber doors closed once you have a bright, hot fire. Only open the fire chamber door when your fire requires more oxygen.

Tip: Always preheat the Gourmet Outdoor Oven for 40 min or more, depending on ambient temperatures. Always get oven to desired temperature before adding food.

Tip: When building your fire, always leave enough room in your fire chamber for oxygen to circulate, as you fire will need it to burn.

WARNING: Overfilling your fire chamber with wood can cause overheating and make managing temperatures difficult.