Outdoor Oven 101

General Outdoor Oven Cooking Tips

Make sure to follow these tips for best cooking results:

  • Cooking should take place with the door of the cooking chamber closed. Open the door as infrequently as possible.
  • When multiple dishes are on the menu, it is important to plan your meal in advance, cooking foods that require similar temperatures and time together.
  • When cooking food at high temperatures, such as pizza, you can then use the oven to introduce dishes that require a lower temperature, without having to add more wood.
  • It is also possible to cook food directly on the baking stone, which is fitted on the floor of the cooking chamber as it is perfectly suited for direct cooking. However, to avoid staining with fat or grease, or for a lower maintenance approach to cooking, place food on a tray or sheet of aluminum, or use an additional ceramic stone.
  • The Gourmet Outdoor Oven has multiple surfaces to use for cooking a number of different dishes at a time. It is possible to use the two cooking grills, and the baking stone at the bottom of the cooking chamber, at the same time.