Outdoor Oven 101

How To Add Flavour To Your Smoked Dishes

Method 1: Smoker Box

Your outdoor oven comes equipped with a detachable cast iron smoker box. Follow the steps outlined below to achieve subtle smoky flavours. For reference, smoking temperatures range from approximately 140 °C / 284 °F to 225 °C / 437 °F, and smoking requires an extended cooking time. This type of cooking is ideal for poultry, ham, brisket, ribs and more.

  1. Place a small amount of flavoured, wood smoking chips into the detachable smoker box, and soak as recommended. Follow the instructions that accompany your smoking chips.
  2. As a general rule, soak the chips in water for about 15 minutes to get maximum flavour.

Method 2: Using flavoured wood chunks

Another method for adding flavour is to add several pieces of flavoured wood chunks to your lump charcoal or hardwood, within the fire chamber, to achieve the desired flavour. Any hardwood that bears a fruit or nut is suitable for cooking.