Outdoor Oven 101

Seasoning Outdoor Oven

Cleaning and seasoning your Gourmet Outdoor Oven are essential to its proper operation.

  1. Ensure that the cooking grills and the baking stone are positioned correctly inside of the cooking chamber.
  2. Open the door of the fire chamber to add the recommended dry hardwood or lump charcoal.
    Load small pieces of hardwood, not longer than 30cm / 12". It is ideal to cut hardwood into thinner pieces to encourage faster ignition onto the wood grate, closer to the back of the oven.

    Note: How much hardwood you will require will depend on the size of the pieces being used and the fit of these pieces on top of the kindling and the wood grate. Don't worry. You can add more wood if required.

  3. Ensure that the ash tray is in position below the wood grate.
  4. Using the chimney damper handle open the chimney damper.
  5. Open all air intake controls located on the fire chamber door. Close the cooking chamber door.
  6. Light the kindling using the lighting method of choice. If using something other than paper, or wood kindling. Follow the instructions that accompany the product.
  7. Once you have established a bright, hot fire, close the fire chamber door.
  8. Heat the oven, maintaining a temperature of about 350 °F / 177 °C for at least 2 hours.

Tip: Open the door of the cooking chamber for a few minutes to allow the release of bad odours. Then close the cooking chamber door. Repeat this action several times throughout the seasoning process. This will allow the temperature resistant paint to fully cure and disburse any associated fumes before cooking is commenced.

Tip: Open the fire chamber to stoke the fire, using your fire poker, throughout the 2 hour seasoning process, to ensure that enough wood has been added to fuel the fire. Add more wood if required.